About Legacy World

LEGACY WORLD COMPANY is a group composed by professionals and investors, based in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

The main challenges in developing countries are focused in two areas: education and health. Thus, the need for innovative projects based on the principles of educational development, health assistance and exchange of knowledge and technology.

Higher standard education and health assistance are the lasting legacy that could be left to the people. Because of that, our company received the name LEGACY.

Professionals and companies with more than 20 years of experience in projects, infrastructure, construction, administration, management, development, teaching, research, and clinical practice in the public and private market compose our group. Furthermore, we have contacts with other important companies from Brazil and abroad that could be partners in the development, establishment and management of projects.


Provide our clients with targeted and tailor-maid innovative projects in social development and sustainable high tech medical education.


To be a new growth enhancer in the health and education industries.


Our clients’ well-being, based on the ethical principles, with social and economic responsibilities, like the source for the success.


Legacy World Company proposes, develops and/or adapts projects to fit the interests of our clients, tailor-made in accordance of their needs and specific purposes.

All projects follow the principles of feasibility, functionality, safety, wellbeing of all stakeholders, environment care and sustainability. Using the best technology available and providing adequate training of the future personnel, the transformation of the region could be reached through the project, upholding excellence and a reference in related field.


Partnerships are essential to achieve best results, since no company is an island on its own when it comes to executing big projects. In that way, we have partnerships with solid companies in the necessary fields to make the projects become realities. If need be, a careful evaluation of profile and principles of any other partnering company will carried out before the establishment of a new partnership. Despite that, Legacy supervising is always present in all fields and phases of the project.

Furthermore, public-private partnership is necessary for the development of some projects, deserving rounds of conversation and negotiation with local or federal government.


Projects are done considering their specific characteristics, utility, functionality, culture, technology, environment and sustainability.


Since feasibility studies are mandatory to the better planning of any project and considering the specificity of each region, local needs, and the project itself, we believe that independent and recognized international consultant companies should be responsible for doing these studies.


Experienced and skilful companies are committed with all phases of construction to guarantee the required standards and quality of the project. International and local companies working together are necessary to achieve the best results and to provide knowledge and capability, as well as creation of jobs. Legacy is early involved with projects from the beginning till the end of the constructions.


Selection of equipments is a complex operation involving the expertise of each area of the project planning and managing. So, all professionals related to the project and its functioning are consulted and the best equipments with the most favourable cost-benefit ratio selected.


Training is a differential that Legacy offers besides the projects because qualified personnel are requires for the successful execution of the projects. E-learning, overseas and/or local training are project’s important parts.


Professionals with expertise in each area must do the specific operating management, but in the event of impossibility in sourcing these experts locally, Legacy offers the possibility of adequate selection and recruitment of personnel and/or the training of the local administrative staff.


Recruitment, training and continuous professional development of all areas pertaining the project are offered by Legacy and our partners depending on the needs of our clients.


Legacy assists our clients in accessing funds through our connections with funding agencies, banks, credit agencies, non-governmental organisations and investors.